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Hexadecimate Rules

An overview of the rules of my first board game

Hexadecimate Rules

By Sean Hofer  |  September 13, 2019

Hexadecimate Final Rules

Number of players: 2

Duration: 20 mins

Items Needed: Hex Board; 11 Blue units, 11 Red units, and 4 Purple units; a standard deck of cards

  1. Each player starts with 7 units.
  2. Arrange the board like so: Board Layout
  3. Play order is determined by card draw; whoever draws the higher card goes first. Reshuffle the deck after.
  4. On their respective turns, each player moves their units a number of times equal to their total units. Moves can be distributed in any way, but players must use every move each turn.

    e.g. On your first turn, you have 7 moves, one for each unit.

  5. A unit can attack an enemy unit when it occupies a space adjacent to it. This attack can be augmented by up to 2 other adjacent ally units, at a cost of 1 move per augmentation.
  6. Defense can be augmented in the same fashion.
  7. During an attack, the attacker draws a card for each unit used, keeping the highest. The defender then does the same, and whoever has the highest card wins. Ties go to the defender.

    Game Pieces e.g. Each player has a unit in an augmentation space. When Red attacks Blue, they can each choose to use that unit to augment their attack/defense. Attacking with additional units costs 1 move per additional unit used.

  8. After a successful attack, your unit moves into the space the defending unit once occupied, and that unit is destroyed.
  9. After a successful defense, the attacking unit is destroyed.
  10. The deck should only be shuffled after it has been exhausted.
  11. The first player to eliminate the enemy army is victorius!