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I aM a DB

TCI Code Challenge | July 2019

I aM a DB is a project I did as a technical test for the Teacher's Curriculum Institute. I aM a DB is an app that lets users browse for and post movie reviews. It's my first project built using Ruby on Rails, and my first real introduction unit testing (in Minitest). The front-end is built using React and Bootstrap and I'm using The Movie DB's API for pulling movie information. A GitHub repo of its code can be found here.

I aM a DB

Full Cart - Web

Feeding Children Everywhere | September 2018

Full Cart is grocery kit delivery service that spawned from Fed 40. It consists of a mobile app built in Flutter as well as a web application which is pure HTML/CSS & jQuery. All hosting, routing and back-end functionality are handled by various services in AWS (S3, CloudFront, Route 53, EC2, RDS, Lambda, API Gateway, etc.). All API functionality is written in Node.js.

Full Cart Web

Full Cart - App

Feeding Children Everywhere | September 2018

The Full Cart app is available on Android and iOS. It is made in Flutter, Google's new Dart-based mobile app SDK. I rewrote the app from its original incarnation in React Native back when the program was Fed 40. The back-end is shared across web and mobile.

Full Cart App Screenshots

Meal Bag Label Generator

Feeding Children Everywhere | August 2018

An August 2018 change in our policy regarding product tracking resulted in a need to individually label each meal bag packaged at a hunger project with a sticker denoting the associated project. I was tasked with creating a simple PDF generation interface the operations team could use to create and print the sticker sheets themselves. I accomplished this using PDFKit, JavaScript and very minimal HTML.

PDF Generator

Red Lentil Jambalaya Landing Page

Feeding Children Everywhere | May 2017

One of my earliest large projects at FCE was building the landing page for our newly rebranded meal. It's a simple static landing page, hosted on S3 and made with plain old HTML/CSS, with a bit of JS to handle the contact form as well as an animation library.

RLJ Landing Page

Fed 40 - Web

Feeding Children Everywhere | January 2017

Fed 40 is what Full Cart was called for the first ~2 years of its existence before being relaunched in September 2018. The website originated as a short and simple form one could fill out to request a box of our meals, with very plain design and bare development. I maintained it and managed it through two complete visual overhauls, during which I implemented new features and improved user experience. (Note: This site is deprecated, so there are no longer any live instances of it.)

Fed 40 Web

Fed 40 - App

Feeding Children Everywhere | January 2017

The original Fed 40 mobile app was programmed in React Native, which I maintained until July 2018 when I rewrote the app from scratch in Flutter. It was originally just a form, with no navigation and little exposition. I expanded the app to include more functionality, like donations and links to blog posts, and also handled the implementation of new designs in two complete visual overhauls of the service. (Note: This app is deprecated, so there are no longer any live links to it.)

Fed 40 App Screenshots


HackRiddle 2016 | October 2016

My project I worked on as a group at HackRiddle 2016. I developed the Chrome extension that comprised the end-user interface. It could be used to send a screenshot and link as well as additional information about an instance of online abuse to a specified administrator with access to the backend dashboard. Won 1st place in the Anti-Bullying category. (Note: This site is deprecated, so there are no longer any live instances of it.)

tattle.tech Code Screenshot